Week 3

Famous – LouGotCash

“Ain’t chinese but I got it for the low mein”

LouGotCash; He hails from Queens, New York and then later moved to Georgia. He is only 20 years old.

The beat and flow definitely make this track memorable. Great lyricism and production. My only con is that this song isn’t 4 minutes long. I wish it was longer.

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Let me know what you think in the comments below. Definitely add this to your playlists now before it blows up.


Week 2

D.O.A. – Treez Lowkey x Take a Daytrip

Treez Lowkey is a new artist out of Virginia. He has a few mixtapes but this is the one track that caught my attention. Absolute banger and the funny thing is I found this by accident. It was originally shown to me as Bryson Tiller feat. Lil Uzi Vert – Drugs. I immediately knew it was false however this is still gas. Enjoy.

Top 10 Songs: Rich The Kid

Rich The Kid. Little did you know he originally went by Black Boy The Kid until he started making money. Now he’s setting trends that the whole music industry follows. Whether it’s Dat Way or his fashion, he’s influenced the game in a huge way. Here’s my picks for his top ten songs as of right now.

I judge the songs based on flow, lyrics, production, and creativity. If you have a different top ten or have a song that didn’t make it, let me know in the comments below. Enjoy.

10. Soak It Up

9. I Don’t Care

8. Got Rich

7. Ran It Up

6. Dat Way

5. Don’t Want Her

4. Running Threw It

3. That Bag

2. Keep It 100

1. Blessings



The Best of Young Thug

Top 25 Songs that I believe best describe Young Thug as an artist. Songs on here are from the albums/mixtapes Jeffery, Slime Season 1 2 & 3, I’m Up, and The Barter 6. Some songs in the playlist are not on albums, but instead were released as singles. Let me know what your top Young Thug songs are in the comments below. If you think my playlist is shit, let me know that as well. Enjoy